Night Vision & Thermal Systems


Unified Optics is a leading supplier of Electro-Optical Systems

Unified Optics Corporation was created because we believe that there is a distinct lack of a certain type of company in the night vision industry. Sure, there are plenty of companies out there who throw every device under the sun (or moon as the case may be) onto their web site. These also tend to be drop-ship “specialists” who have minimum (if any) knowledge and experience of the products they sell. As a rule, their recommendations are motivated by profit margins and the support they can offer is minimal. Then there are a few (single digits few) companies who know their products, test them thoroughly, and, most importantly can support and stand behind what they offer. While all that is absolutely great and you should not hesitate for a second to work with such a company, their offerings tend to be limited by the manpower and time available for testing. At Unified Optics Corporation we represent 30+ years of Optical and Mechanical Engineering as well as over 20 years of Marketing, Wholesale, and Retail experience in the Night Vision and Optical Industry. Our services and capabilities include everything from complete custom design and development to standard off-the-shelf solutions. Our commitment is to you, the customer. Regardless of the scope or complexity of your requirement(s), it is our goal to provide the best performance-to-value solution. When it comes to product development, we do not cut any corners, nor do we simply accept suppliers based on the lowest bid. The primary considerations are always performance and reliability. With off-the-shelf systems, we do not play favorites. All manufacturers have something to offer, be it a low budget non-critical equipment or high performance Mil. Spec. system. It is our goal to offer and recommend the best solution suitable to YOUR needs. At the same time we do not wish to have thousands of products located on one impossible to navigate website. Your time is valuable. Having to search through all those seemingly similar products is a waste of that precious commodity. We have spared no expense and resources to present a variety of products in a unique way. Under our corporate umbrella, you will find a number of different web sites dedicated to either a specific manufacturer or a grade of product. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or simply wish to browse through what is available, our system offers a clean, easy to navigate, and informative way to do so. We can also discuss your requirements and guide you towards the products most suited to them. We will be more than happy to suggest and recommend, but it is your choice and your needs that are most important.

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